We take great pride in our selection of wines and spirits and with our artisanal winemakers and distillers. We take the time to research the finest products from around the world that represent "world-class" selections. We are about discovery: unique wines and spirits, smaller artisanal and family owned producers, wines and spirits with a compelling brand story. Unlike many of our competitors, we take the time to understand your products and can best prepare a strategy to get those products in the right venues with the best price-value relationship.


Our wine & spirits experience includes developing and managing programs for global icon brands including Dom Perignon, Dom Ruinart, Antinori, Glenlivet, Bacardi, Miller Brewing, Kronenbourg, to name a few. Further, our staff have also served at senior management level positions with such admired Fortune 50 Companies as    Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Pepperidge Farm, Citibank, Young & Rubicam, General Electric, and many others. We believe that no import company comes to market with the aggregate skill set we have. We are not modest about that - just as you should not be modest about your wines and your spirits.



Many artisanal wines and spirits get lost in the mega-mass market arena or with distributors that focus only on the biggest brands or on the "next big thing". We work exclusively with distributors who share the same values we do. We have high standards and know how to strategically build businesses with the right team in place to ensure quality in product deliverables and marketplace execution. We believe in partnership selling and in seamless service from our producers to consumers.




LUXE brings a fresh perspective and a unique point of difference to the wine and spirits business. Our principles offer broad-based business experience and success  in the wine and spirits marketplace. Our importing/brokering business developed naturally after years of success in the luxury wine and food accessories segment.   Our company leaders have extensive experience in wine & spirits, product marketing, public relations, promotion (both on and off-premise), brand-building, and       sales management.



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This is an exciting time to be in the wine and spirits business as research shows that wine and spirits drinkers have become more sophisticated and have moved up from commodity selections to more complex and artisanal offerings. Consumers want to discover and learn about interesting artisanal wines and craft spirits in the same way they have learned about specialty foods from artisan producers. The story of LUXE is simple: we market smaller, artisanal wines and spirits, and carefully craft them into successful brands - brands that create a passionate connection with consumers.

Our mission is to aid in the development of wine and spirits brands to provide our select distributors with products that their restaurants, retailers, and consumers want to buy and drink. In today's competitive marketplace, distributors have neither the time nor the inclination to focus their sales force's time on products that have not been developed into brands. Consumers are passionate about brands and LUXE helps create brands that sell and connect with consumers to create a loyal following.  Simply put, "wines and spirits don't just sell, but wines and spirits brands do because consumers seek them out by name." We help build wines and spirits into brands that get focus...that get attention...that sell while establishing a deep emotional connection with consumers, ultimately driving brand loyalty and brand growth.


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