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Pear Valley is a family owned vineyard and winery located in Paso Robles. The family focuses on quality which begins in the vineyard with low yields to produce intense flavors. All the fruit is hand harvested and immediately sorted and processed at our estate winery while the fruit is still cold and fresh. Within the winery the wines are processed and aged to bring out the best the varietal has to offer.

The genesis of the wine story for Pear Valley began in the late 60’s when owner Tom Maas was stationed on an army base in Germany…in the midst of a vineyard. Here he learned to love both wine and the vineyard. Decades later, when the kids were grown and responsibilities waned, he was free to pursue his dream of owning and living in a vineyard. It started with 20 acres in 1999 and now Tom and Kathleen own 113 acres where they dedicate their energy and resources to providing the best environment for growing premium grapes. The vineyards are operated with sustainable farming practices to ensure that the best fruit possible.

The Pear Valley philosophy is to grow the best fruit possible and then interfere as little as possible. Crop sizes are limited to about 2 tons per acre to showcase the power and intensity of the grapes. The grapes are aged 2 years on a combination of new, one year old and neutral American, French and Hungarian Oak Barrels.